Anime Opinion Poll:  What is your favorite/least favorite?

Anime Opinion Poll: What is your favorite/least favorite?

It has been a very busy few weeks for me as the school year spirals toward Christmas and the “half-way” point and so I have been remiss in my duties to this blog (and the other two I author).  I thought I might make up for that by posting a thought-provoking and insightful question in order to stimulate discussion for the betterment of the genera.  However, I couldn’t think of anything thought-provoking or insightful and so I settled for this…What are some of your favorite/least favorite anime tropes or stereotypes?

Since I was here first, I’ll start us off…

  1.  Favorite Place to Sit in Class:  Everyone knows that the main character of any anime story, if they are a student, absolutely MUST sit by the window of the classroom.  Apparently, in real life, all Japanese schools must be built on the same basic floor plan.  The main character needs to be able to stare distractedly out of the window, or else see some vital bit of action going on several stories below on the ground, or, at least be able to see the approach of some enemy or dire portent of doom.
  2. Favorite Place to Fall:  Any tripping or stumbling or falling in an anime must involve a member of the opposite sex acting as air-bag.  Further, there is an inversely proportional relationship between the attractiveness of a female who is falling to the homeliness and lack of desirability of the male she is falling on.  Also, whenever any male character falls or stumbles, one or more well endowed female characters must throw themselves beneath him in order to cushion his fall in the most embarrassing way possible, leading to my third favorite…
  3. Favorite Misinterpretations:  Every interaction or physical contact between members of the opposite sex in an anime must be misconstrued as some sort of sexual deviance.  There is no such thing as an innocent mistake.  Walking into the shower or bath (another personal favorite of mine) must never be considered an honest error.  Further, the offended party, usually female, must scream and injure the intruding character as severely as possible.  It is, however, generally acceptable for all to be forgiven, or at least forgotten, by the very next frame of the scene.
  4. hetalia___philippine_school_uniform_by_spogunasya-d5o9ke6.pngFavorite School Uniform:  All anime females must wear the shortest possible skirt.  I know this is not an accurate picture of real life because the dress code in most Japanese Schools where those types of uniforms are worn,calls for the skirt to reach below the knees.  I also know that while there are some young ladies who are not above rolling those skirts at the waist to raise the hemline to dizzying heights, most teachers (and Class Reps)  in Japanese schools are fairly strict about adherence to the dress code.short
  5. Favorite Flower:  The cherry blossoms always fall on cue in Japanese anime.  Regardless of the season or time of day, when needed for romantic emphasis, cherry blossoms will fall from the trees in a veritable blizzard of aromatic flurries.
  6. Favorite Reaction to an Attractive Girl:  One of the physiological marvels of anime characters is that they possess a circulatory volume of at least ten gallons of blood, all of it under high pressure.  The presence of an attractive, or partially naked, character can cause one third of the entire blood supply to erupt from the character’s nostrils like a volcano.  Why there aren’t more strokes among anime characters I simply can not understand.

So there you have it.  A few of my favorite or non-favorite anime tropes and stereotypes.  I would be interested in knowing what you consider to the a required feature in an anime.  I suspect that next time I will examine different character types (not like that hasn’t been done already)  Til then…Good Evening.

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