Tsundere…What’s That??

Tsundere…What’s That??

Next on my agenda of favorite anime tropes are the various character types and stereotypes found in almost all anime.  My favorite, and hence, the first I will mention are the Tsundere.  Ah those lovely people who can never express how they really feel and so they compensate by emanating a cold rivaled only by the winds of winder in Nome, Alaska.

asukaTsundere characters are defined as a person who starts out as cold and unfeeling in a relationship and gradually warms over time…generally a long time.  This is usually due to an inability to express their feelings comfortably.  Famous examples of the Tsundere character in anime would be Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Asuka begins her relationship with Shinji, the main character, with her favorite expression, “anta baka!”  This is a contraction for “You idiot!” and that is her opinion of everyone.  Throughout the series she and Shinji have a very complicated Love/Hate relationship.  This is common with the Tsundere type.

senjoMy favorite Tsundere is Hitagi Senjougahara from the Monogatari series.  She begins her relationship with Araragi-kun by stapling the inside of his mouth.  Eventually they become a couple but their relationship remains prickly.  Senjougahara personifies the gradual warming process commonn to all Tsundere personality types.

The popularity of the Tsundere type, demonstrated by its inclusion in so many anime, is likely due to the opportunities that this personality type gives the author for conflict and interesting interaction between characters.  While not as entertaining, in my opinion, as the Yandere, our next subject, they do still provide an entertaining and interesting relationship within any anime.

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