Yandere: I love you and want to sleep with your spleen under my pillow.

Yandere: I love you and want to sleep with your spleen under my pillow.

You are definitely gonna want to don your personal protective equipment for this one.  Today we look at the anime personality known as Yandere.  This is the type of girl for which the phrase “Crazy about you” was coined.  In more specific terms a Yandere is someone, usually a female, who is insanely, obsessively, and often violently attached to, or in love with, another character.  Usually the emphasis in on insane and violent.  The violence is often directed at anyone who would interfere with that Yandere’s relationship, but just as often it can be directed at the object of their obsession as well particularly if they feel that their love interest is being unfaithful.  Needless to say, when a Yandere type is included in the list of characters, there is no telling what will happen next, or how many stitches it will require to close the wound.
YunoYandereFaceTo be honest, when describing a Yandere character, this image pretty much says it all.  This chick is CRAZY!!  Her name is Yuno Gasai, from the Future Diary series, and she is an unqualified psychopath who will do anything, no matter how violent, to protect Yuki, her main squeeze.  Knives, axes, machine guns, or just simple blunt heavy objects are all part of her repertoire.  On the plus side, when not brushing blood and internal organs out of her hair, she is seriously cute.

Perhaps on notch back on the crazy meter we find Kurumi Tokisaki from Data A Live. While possibly not a blood thirsty as Yuno, she is certainly no stranger to violence for the sake of love. Her preferred weapons are firearms rather than knives, but she is quite proficient. She is also the most beautiful insane goth loli you are likely to meet (not completly convinced that she qualifies as a loli though).kurumichan.jpg

At any rate, I think you get the idea. A tsundere might smack you around (or even staple in the inside of your mouth) but they usually leave organs intact. Yandere, on the other hand, are completely off the charts crazy. However, if you can survive her little fits of pique and also lend a hand with hiding the bodies then she will be a great little addition to any harem.

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