Kuudere: Calm, Cool, and Collected…Mostly

Kuudere: Calm, Cool, and Collected…Mostly

One of the lesser known personality types in anime is the Kuudere or “cool” character.  This person is generally calm in the face of adversity, cool under pressure, and reserved in their relationships.  This is a popular trope found often in “harem” anime, usually as the second or third member.  This is definitely the person you want on your side during a zombie apocalypse.  The Kuudere is usually completely in charge of the situation regardless of what it may be.kuudere

One of the best examples of the Kuudere type is Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.  She is the pilot for EVA01 and her combat skills are so proficient that one might mistake her for a machine.  She is much more at home in the Entry Plug of an EVA than she is in personal relationships.  Over time her personal relationships do warm considerably but she never becomes what one might call social.

misakiAnother popular Kuudere character is Misaki Mei from the popular horror series Another.  She is cool under pressure, even to the point of death when everyone suspects her of being the extra student in the class.  Her quick intellect also allows her to solve the mystery of the curse and find the true identity of the dead student.  As an emotionally aloof personality, Mei is able to cope well with the isolation of her class’es prevention measures.

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