Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?  Not as far as I can tell.

Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Not as far as I can tell.

Hi and welcome to another episode of “Boy my life is busy and I run out of time to update my Blog.”  UIL Computer Science and becoming the new “Event Live-Stream” guy at school have really taken their toll on my anime watching.  However, I have found time to binge..I mean..begin a new series that I am quite taken with.  The title begs the question “Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”  As far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the entire concept.

Our story begins in the city of Orario, a city surrounding a huge tower called Babel that covers the only known cavern where monsters spawn.  Adventurous souls often make their living by exploring the cavern, destroying the monsters, and collecting resources to keep the local economy going.  The gods of various mythologies have come to Earth basically because they were bored living in Heaven and have taken on the guise of normal beings, albeit keeping their abilities to bless humans with various gifts to help them survive the perils of the labyrinth.

hestiaEnter Hestia, a young and inexperienced  goddess who is new to Orario. She has no followers, or familia, as they are known, and so has no means of support. She is poor.  She uses her beauty and expansive cleavage to recruit a young man named Bell to become her first family member.  He enters the dungeon and begins to search for resources and income to support his goddess.  Essentially the entire thing is an extended Dungeons and Dragons game, complete with experience, hit points, and levels

The story is hardly original but it is a really good example of the fantasy dungeon/harem adventure trope.  As Bell increases in experience and Hestia’s family beings to prosper, more members are drawn to her.  The plot is a fairly convoluted mesh of conspiracy, adventure, and character interaction that can easily hold the attention of the even the most jaded anime fan.

The animation style is polished and the girls are bouncy.  The colors are bright and the music is good, if not great.  What sets the story apart, aside from the weird blue strap that holds up Hestia’s opai is the complexity of the story and the variety of characters that appear.  This is a tried and true plot that, thanks to the writing style, works in spite of being a bit stale.  The fan-service is moderately prevalent but not overbearing and there is no real nudity or offensive language.  There are currently two seasons as well as a spin-off season called Sword Oratoria.  All are entertaining.  It has recently been announced that season 3 has a green light and a release date of Summer 2018.  I would recommend this with the caution that there is a good bit of fan-service throughout the entire run of the story.  Legitimate viewing can be found here:


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